Apply language coaching to enhance your progress in language learning

Idiom "with flying colours":
If you do something such as pass an exam with flying colours, you do it very successfully
Coach and mentor
Tatiana Naronova
Language Tutor with 14 year experience
Master's in Linguistics - English and German - graduated with merits
International-Level Professional Coach
Expert in study and mind skills
My mission is to give you a new perspective on your learning and help you create a unique study route ❤️
Here you will unleash your full potential in studying and work out your optimal strategies to learn languages successfully and brain-friendly
Master's Degree with distinction
Coaching Certificate
Cambridge: Teaching Knowledge Test
Personalized language learning experience and holistic approach to studying
Education matters
Coaching in education helps to improve wellbeing
If you are a
Wellbeing will improve your ability to interact with students, face challenges, avoid burnout, make your teaching more effective.
If you are a
Wellbeing will improve your motivation, satisfaction, academic performance, behavior, social integration.
Why Choose My Services
I work hard every day to make life of my clients better and happier
  • High quality
    I apply brain-friendly strategies and evidence-based guidelines.
  • Support
    I am always ready to answer your questions between sessions.
  • Experience
    I am a professional coach and language tutor with 14+ years of experience, an expert in study skills.
  • Individual Approach
    I work according to the principle of individual approach to every client. This method allows us to achieve success at all levels.

Coaching advantages are

  • It's in-depth but brain-friendly
  • It's goal- and future oriented
  • It gives new perspectives
  • It's positive and mind changing
  • It uncovers and fixes limiting beliefs
  • It masters prioritizing and time-management skills
  • Alyona
    Thank you so much for 4 years of studying with you! It was not only a lot of fun, but also beneficial: I was able to overcome my fear of speaking with strangers in English. I will miss our lessons)❤️😍
  • Ekaterina
    I really enjoyed my session with Tatiana. We started on time and discussed my requests. Tatiana helped me understand what exactly I want and where to start implementing my ideas. Clarity and a plan emerged. My mood improved, and I gained strength for new achievements. I am very satisfied with the session.
  • Eugene

    Tatiana is an excellent teacher! She is a very kind person and a highly competent specialist. I can only describe this tutor from the best side. Tatiana is a responsible and punctual teacher, and studying with her is very comfortable.
  • Justina
    Everything is clear, explained in an understandable way, an excellent teacher who will help you overcome difficulties with the language, I highly recommend Tatiana as an English tutor. Based on my own experience, she has been preparing me for the IELTS exam. I had been struggling to find a tutor for a long time, and finally, everything worked out! Thank you!
  • Nicholas
    A knowledgeable tutor, I like her teaching methods, attitude, and approach. I have improved my English proficiency, enriched my vocabulary, and enhanced my conversational skills.
  • Vladimir
    Tatiana prepared various exercises and assignments for each lesson, thoroughly explained unclear points, and planned lessons based on the necessary knowledge and skills for me. I am very grateful to her for the knowledge she instilled in me because I am not the best student. I can recommend Tatiana to anyone who wants an individual approach and dedication in their work. Good luck to Tatiana! And a huge and heartfelt thank you.
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